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A barefoot celebration in a romantic island hideaway. A glittering rooftop ceremony. For an occasion as important as when you get married, perfection is paramount. As world-renowned luxury wedding planners, we blend expertise with creative flair to curate international weddings that capture the imagination long after the last dance.

Whether we’re finding an exclusive venue not available to the public or putting the finishing touches to floral arrangements, our global team of wedding planners work with each couple at every step – ensuring the journey to your special day is effortless.

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Wedding Venues

Luxury weddings. Exquisite venues.

Iconic. Inspirational. Imaginative. When it comes to choosing where to celebrate a marriage, Scarlet have exclusive access to the most unique wedding venues in the UK and internationally.

Ballrooms in the heart of London, a royal palace steeped in history, or perhaps a classical country mansion surrounded by forests. For us, nowhere is beyond reach in our unending search for the exceptional and the extraordinary – out-of-this-world locations for a truly romantic wedding ceremony.

Destination weddings in

distinguished settings

From the Swiss Alps to Venetian canals, Parisian palaces to Italian masterpieces, Scarlet weddings transport us across the globe. Greet guests in the elegance of a Private Palazzo. Hold a sparkling wedding reception in tucked away treasures such as Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Celebrate your love in the ethereal woodlands of Château de Chantilly. Whatever the backdrop, our designers capture its beauty as they transform it into a destination wedding.

Wedding Destinations

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At the heart of cultural weddings


For those planning a Chinese, Lebanese, Arabic or mixed-faith wedding, our team’s sensitive understanding of traditional etiquettes and values will ensure your ceremony is a joyful success. With an eye for the eclectic and diverse, Scarlet is renowned for its experience in organising the most memorable cultural weddings around the globe.

We could be orchestrating a large-scale celebration, booking a famous star for the wedding entertainment, or curating a more intimate, modest affair. Whatever the style, our luxury wedding planners seamlessly incorporate the religious pillars and traditions that make these cultural occasions such uniquely special events.

Designing the extraordinary

A treasured family heirloom. The country where you met. A painting you both love. So many things can reflect a couple’s deeply personal story. And a wedding is the perfect opportunity to express individual personalities and style.

It could be through a bespoke flower display or showstopping lighting design, or the finest fabrics and decorations for your table. Scarlet’s luxury wedding planners are masters at curating celebrations with creative flair, designing themes around whatever inspires or holds a special memory – and then delivering it flawlessly for your special day.

Design & Styling

World-Class Entertainment For Your Wedding VIEW

World-Class Entertainment For Your Wedding VIEW

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