Luxury wedding design & event production

Telling the story of your celebration

From drawing board to curtain up

The true beauty of events lies within. All those moments and details that turn a special day into a piece of storytelling: the wedding that celebrates a fine romance, or the cocktail party talked about for years to come. This is where event styling makes its mark. Scarlet designers get to the heart of each client’s vision, transforming ideas and images into a truly memorable – and deeply personal – celebration.

Our luxury party planners take your ideas, add in some of our own and work on colours, themes, and visuals – showcasing your astounding personality in your celebration. From the flowers to the draping, floor to ceiling, no detail will be missed out, so when your guests arrive they’ll find a breathtaking setting that creates the perfect mood for your special occasion, whether it be sombre elegance or wow-factor.

Flowers: in season, in style

Much more than a finishing touch, floral arrangements form the centrepiece at many of our events. From the colours and shades to the scent, they set the tone for everything else within the room. Going far beyond the bouquet, our world-leading florist partners create walls of roses, spray chandeliers and rare orchid displays. For the times, and places, where flowers don’t quite fit the styling, Scarlet’s international party planners curate an inspiring collection of props, décor and bespoke furnishings.

Event lighting & production

When putting luxury weddings in the limelight, professional production brings a dash of theatre to the celebrations. It could be the mellow light of candles and chandeliers casting a romantic glow over the ceremony. Or the spotlights on the Grammy Award-winning performer at the reception. Our lighting designers draw on their work on stage and in showbusiness – designing and delivering 3D projections, laser displays and awe-inspiring lighting shows – to create multi-sensory experiences.

The stage is set

To step into a Scarlet event is to enter a whole new world. It could be a belle epoque Parisian ball. A Barnum circus big top. Or a Venetian masquerade. Scarlet set designers use draping, props, furniture, water features, tableware… a myriad of meticulously sourced and carefully arranged features that create an immersive experience. With the help of state-of-the-art illustration software to breathe life into our clients’ visions, imagination knows no bounds.

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