Q. Can you cater for an event we’re holding overseas?

A. Yes, no problem, we’re geared to provide a high level of service…whatever the location. Just speak to our sales team and tell them what you have in mind.

Q. Can you recommend and provide entertainment for an event?

A. Yes, when we’re catering for an event, our event management team can help you decide on – and organise – the perfect entertainment.

Q. Can you source a venue for us? If so, would we deal with you or the venue directly?

A. We deal with many of the top venues in the country…and beyond! So if you’d like our help to source and book the perfect venue, we’re more than happy to provide it as part of the service. On occasions, this may also give you access to our specially discounted rates.

Q. Do you have fixed rates for your services?

A. No. No two events are the same so we remain completely flexible, quoting you a price based on the location and the numbers involved…or sometimes working to a predetermined budget.

Q. What are your budget limits?

A. There are no limits. Everything depends on the scale of your event and the impact you want to make.

Q. Can you provide religious or cultural assistance to our wedding planner?

A. Yes. We’ve played our part in weddings and events that include all faiths and cultures. So we’ve gained a lot of knowledge and a level of understanding and experience that means we can help with many aspects of your celebrations.

Q. My fiancé and I live in the UK but are planning an overseas wedding. Can you liaise with our wedding planner to book a venue for us?

A. Yes, if we’re catering for you we’d be delighted to work with your planner to make sure you have the best possible location and venue…wherever in the world it might be.

Q. Can you co-ordinate any travel arrangements or should I hire a travel agent?

A. No need to hire a travel agent. We can assist with all travel arrangements, as well as private charter flights and other transport, for example trains and private cars, etc.

Q. Can you arrange for group travel and accommodation?

A. Yes, we can arrange all types of group travel booking and accommodation. Our excellent relationship with many hotels also means we can often negotiate special rates for larger group bookings.

Q. Can you just arrange the catering and then we do the rest?

A. Yes, of course, although it’s usually a good idea to collaborate whenever possible to ensure that what we are doing does not conflict with plans and arrangements you have made.

Q. Do you offer venue search?

A. Yes. If you are using Payal for your catering we will always help you find the ideal venue.


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