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Benefits of online platform

Wedding projects

Collaborate in real-time. Whether you’re a groom, bride, wedding planner, or anybody else, you can participate in collaborative planning anonymously, even if you don’t have an account. All data is saved and synchronized in one easy-to-access project.

Easy sharing

Want to get someone new involved? Just copy the link to your project and share! Project data can be exported into a PDF / XLS or paper format at any step in your process.

Cloud storage

Have an existing project? Use it to create a template, then clone it to use for another wedding. All data is synchronized in the cloud and stored in safe mode.

Your custom wedding planning environment

Wedding Planning Assistant is a virtual workspace for the bride, groom, and professional wedding planners. Also, Wedding Planning Assistant allows managing more than one wedding project simultaneously, which helps the wedding planning business handle multiple weddings flawlessly.

Main Features

Guest list

Create a guest list, mark which party they belong to, manage RSVPs, dietary restrictions and other personal guest’s preferences.


You can create a website page specifically for your guests to RSVP via their own personal, customizable link. Save yourself time and stress.

Wedding website

Digital sending out your Save the Dates and Invitations is a wonderful, fun time where you get to be excited imagining who will be there to celebrate your special day.


Keep track of all the tasks leading up to the big day!


Stay on top of yours spending – keep track of your total budget, prices, deposits, and any outstanding fees.

Event itinerary

Organize your wedding day down to the minute with visual aids.

Vendor search

The big day becomes significant with the vendors. Our search tools will assist you in finding the best wedding vendors on this planet.

Venue organization

Search for the best venues and vendors, record information about them, book your top picks. No hassle for keeping your ceremony organized.

Ceremony Layout

Use the layout tool to draw the plan for your ceremony. Know how your seats and decorations will look.

Reception organization

Keep track of your reception layouts, organization, and parties.

Reception layout

Visualize your reception plan – from the layout down to the seating assignments.

Table cards

Use your reception layout to name your tables, then print!

Name cards

Use your guest list and reception layout to automatically generate and print name cards for assigned seats.

Reception menu

Create custom menus for your reception, including religious, vegan, and special diets!


Use this tool to write down any text you might need on the big day. Notes, speeches, vows – if you need to remember something, put it here!

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Wedding Planning Software

Wedding Planning Assistant is an innovative new tool uniting newlyweds-to-be and professional wedding vendors all over the world.

We are committed to building a truly international community in the wedding industry.

The service Wedding Planning Assistant has two sides – one for planners, and one for vendor. Anybody planning a wedding can take advantage of the easy-to-use interface that breaks wedding plans down into individual task checklists. From seating charts to party favors, everything is covered. There are many useful tools such as guest list, RSVP management, wedding website constructor (multiple template options), budget tracker, table layout constructor (seating chart), wedding day itinerary, suppliers management, and many more additional services.

Find a venue and vendor so easy! All it takes is a search in WA’s global database if a couple wants to find a vendor. To become listed in the database, vendors must complete a business profile, and that’s it! Once a vendor is listed, the appointments and booking process is easily facilitated with WA’s interface. Everyone is on their way to a merry time!

Wedding Planning Tools

The Wedding Planning Assistant is a set of tools that aim to organize the wedding by yourself or with your wedding planner/coordinator.

Weddings are going over the world. At Wedding Planning Assistant, we already added support for the following languages:

No sign-up needed!

If you don’t want to create account, no problem. You can remain here and work in private mode.

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